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Expectation Maximization (EM)
Algorithm for Mixture Models


  1. You can select Gaussian Mixture Fitting by choosing "GaussMix", or Multiple Line Fitting by choosing "LineMix".
  2. Click in a image plane to add sample points.
  3. You can also add uniformly distributed sample points by clicking "RandomPts".
  4. "ClearPts" enables to clear all sample points
  5. You can select the number of kernels by choosing 1 to 10.
  6. You can initialize the kernels by clicking "InitKernels".
  7. You can start EM algorithm by selecting "EM Run" or "EM 1 Step"(one step)
  8. You can stop "EM Run" by selecting "EM Stop".

If Gaussians or Lines disappear by EM, initialize kernels by click "InitKernels".



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