National Internet-based Science Educational Resource
It's online, therefore it exists!
What is NISER?

NISER LogoThe goals of the National Internet-based Science Educational Resource (NISER) are to design, validate and freely disseminate knowledge. NISER specifically provides portable online aids for science education, technology based instruction and scientific computing. NISER tools and resources include a repository of interactive applets, computational libraries, data viewers, instructional and course materials.

What are the main NISER Components?
The core NISER educational and computational components include Educational Materials for the areas of Statistics, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics. These tools and materials are constantly expanded to include  new resources from these or other disciplines. SOCR HT Resource Viewer
NISER Interactive Viewer
How to use the NISER Resources?

There are three major types of NISER users: educators, students and tool developers. Course instructors and teachers will find the NISER class notes and interactive tools useful for student motivation, concept demonstrations and for enhancing their technology based science education and research. Students and trainees may find the NISER class notes, simulation applets and learning materials extremely useful in their learning/practicing pursuits. Model developers, software programmers and other engineering, biomedical and applied researchers may find the light-weight plug-in oriented NISER computational libraries and infrastructure useful in their algorithm designs and research efforts.