SOCR Talk (04/06/06), UCLA Statistics Teaching Seminar


Speaker: Ivo Dinov
: Pedagogical Utilization and Assessment of the Statistics Online Computational Resource.

We will discuss the new developments, tools and online materials part of the UCLA SOCR resource. This includes:

1. Complete SOCR Web page redesign
a. In response to feedback from users, JSS, NGfL, MERLOT, and others
b. Look-and-feel, cascade-style-sheets pages
c. Internationalization
2. Resource Organization
a. Types of Users: Educators, Students, Researchers and Modelers/Developers (e.g, Brain Segmentation, pp. 24-28)
b. SOCR Usage: (Since Jan 2002, using
3. Features and Functionalities
a. Distributions
b. Experiments
c. Analyses
d. Games
e. Modeler
f. Charts
g. More (e.g., Statistical Power of a Test)
4. Pedagogical utilization
a.  Instructor Plans
b.  Activities
5. SOCR Assessment (Fall 2005)
a. Stat 13 (Dinov), Sections 1 and 2
b. Stat 100A (Sanchez), Section 3 and 4
c. Stat 100A (Christou), Section 1
d. Results
6. Future developments

SOCR Topics, Settings and Tools

a. Interface to R
b. Establish Direct Links between learning materials (e.g., class notes) and SOCR Tools (e.g., SOCR Analyses). The figure to the right shows integration and traversal of SOCR: topics ⇔ settings ⇔ tools.

Acknowledgments: This is joint work with Annie Che, Jenny Cui, Juana Sanchez, Nicolas Christou and many others, funded by NSF DUE 0442992 and NIH U54 RR021813.