SOCR Talks (06/01/07 & 06/08/07), UCLA Statistics Teaching Seminar


Speakers: Ivo Dinov & Nicolas Christou
: The State of the Statistics Online Computational Resources.

We will discuss the new developments, tools and online materials part of the UCLA SOCR resource. This includes:

1. Interactive SOCR Graphical Interface (5 min)
a. 95% of all SOCR Resources are now available via this Graph Viewer
b. Traversal, Search and Integration of different SOCR resources

2. Main SOCR Tools (5 min)
a. SOCR Activities
b. Distributions
b. Experiments
c. Analyses
d. Games
e. Modeler
f. Charts
g. More
3. Hands-on Activities and Demonstrations (75 min)
a. Demonstrations
a.1. Explore relations between Distributions
a.2. The Central Limit Theorem (CLT) Activity
a.3. Random Number Generation Activity (if time permits)
b. Hands-on Activities
b.1. SOCR Discrete Distributions Activity
b.2. Birthday Experiment
4. Future developments (5 min)
a. Integrate with Moodle:
        SOCR Educational Materials +
        Moodle CMS +
        Moodle Assessment Infrastructure.
b. Establish needs of local and outside collaborators.

Acknowledgments: This is joint work with Annie Che, Jenny Cui, Rahul Gidwani, Juana Sanchez, Rob Gould, Nicolas Christou and many others, funded by NSF DUE 0442992 and NIH U54 RR021813.