Class CopperColorMap

  extended by edu.ucla.loni.LOVE.colormap.ColorMap
      extended by edu.ucla.loni.LOVE.colormap.plugins.CopperColorMap

public class CopperColorMap
extends ColorMap

This is a gray level colormap

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class edu.ucla.loni.LOVE.colormap.ColorMap
_alpha, _aMap, _bits, _bMap, _gMap, _isInverted, _lowerLimit, _overColor, _rMap, _size, _underColor, _upperLimit, BLUE, BONE, COOL, COPPER, FLAG, GRAY, GREEN, HOT, HOTMETAL, HSV, PINK, RED, SPECIAL_SPECTRAL, SPECTRAL
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor
CopperColorMap(int size, int bits)
Method Summary
protected  void _setColorMap()
          Actual set up of color map in range.
 java.lang.String getName()
          Get the names of the current map
Methods inherited from class edu.ucla.loni.LOVE.colormap.ColorMap
getAlpha, getAlphaMap, getBlueMap, getColorModel, getGreenMap, getInverted, getLowerLimit, getOverColor, getRedMap, getSize, getUnderColor, getUpperLimit, initializeColorMap, invertColorMap, setAlpha, setInverted, setLimits, setLowerLimit, setOverColor, setUnderColor, setUpperLimit, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CopperColorMap()
Default constructor


public CopperColorMap(int size,
                      int bits)

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getName()
Get the names of the current map

Specified by:
getName in class ColorMap


protected void _setColorMap()
Actual set up of color map in range. Under color and over color will be set up by base class:

Specified by:
_setColorMap in class ColorMap