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Uses of Analysis in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.analyses.gui

Subclasses of Analysis in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.analyses.gui
 class AnovaOneWay
          One-Way ANOVA
 class AnovaTwoWay
          One-Way ANOVA
 class CategoricalAnalysis
          A Multi-Way ANOVA Analysis.
 class ChiSquareContingencyTable
 class ChiSquareModelFit
          The Chi-Square Model Goodness-of-Fit Test
 class Clustering
          this class is for Logistic Regression only.
 class ConfidenceIntervalAnalysis
          Confidence Interval
 class DichotomousProportion
 class FisherExact
 class FlignerKilleen
 class Friedman
          this class is for Kruskal Wallis only.
 class KolmogorovSmirnoff
          Two Independent T Test
 class KruskalWallis
          this class is for Kruskal Wallis only.
 class LogisticRegression
          this class is for Logistic Regression only.
 class MultiLinearRegression
          this class is for Multiple Linear Regression only.
 class NormalPower
 class OneT
 class OneZ
 class SimpleLinearRegression
          this class is for Simple Linear Regression only.
 class Survival
 class TwoIndependentT
          Two Independent T Test
 class TwoIndependentTPooled
          Two Independent T Test
 class TwoIndependentTUnpooled
          Two Independent T Test
 class TwoIndependentWilcoxon
          Two Independent T Test
 class TwoPairedSignedRank
          The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Paired Samples
 class TwoPairedSignTest
          The Sign-Test for Paired Samples
 class TwoPairedT
          Two Paired Sample T Test

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.analyses.gui that return Analysis
static Analysis Analysis.getInstance(java.lang.String classname)

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.analyses.gui with parameters of type Analysis
 void AnalysisPanel.setAnalysis(Analysis analysis)