Package edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout

Interface Summary
GraphListener GraphListener.
TGPaintListener TGPaintListener.
TGScrollPane TGScrollPane is a Java interface for a user interface using scrollbars to set TouchGraph navigation and editing properties such as zoom, rotate and locality.

Class Summary
Edge Edge.
GLPanel GLPanel contains code for adding scrollbars and interfaces to the TGPanel The "GL" prefix indicates that this class is GraphLayout specific, and will probably need to be rewritten for other applications.
GraphLayoutApplet GraphLayoutApplet.
LocalityUtils LocalityUtils: Utilities for switching locality.
Node Node.
TGAbstractLens TGAbstractLens.
TGLayout TGLayout is the thread responsible for graph layout.
TGLensSet TGLensSet: A collection of lenses, where each lens is a function that warps 2D space.
TGPanel TGPanel contains code for drawing the graph, and storing which nodes are selected, and which ones the mouse is over.
TGPoint2D TGPoint2D is only needed for java 1.1.

Exception Summary
TGException An class for exceptions thrown during TouchGraph processing.