All SOCR computational tools are available as web-applets that can be invoked via any Java-enabled Web-browser. This page provides a mechanism for stand-alone invocation of all SOCR tools as desktop applications using Java web-start technology.

SOCR Web-Start Applications Descriptions
SOCR Distributions
Interactive SOCR Distributions calculators for critical and probability values of a variety of probability distributions
SOCR Functors Interactive SOCR Functors (generating functions and Probability function calculators)
SOCR Experiments
Virtual SOCR Experiments and simulations
SOCR Analyses
SOCR Tools for Statistical Analyses (parametric and non-parametric tests)
SOCR Games
Hands-on SOCR Virtual Games
SOCR Modeler SOCR Modeler - resource for random data generation, simulation, model-fitting and model assessment
SOCR Charts
A Broad spectrum of SOCR Charts Graphs and Plots for user-specified data
SOCR 3D Charts SOCR 3D Charts - spatial data plots, GIS mapping and surface visualization
SOCR Motion Charts
SOCR Motion Chart - interactive exploration of multivariate and longitudinal datasets
SOCR Applications SOCR Applications - business applications and simulations