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Uses of TGException in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout that throw TGException
 void LocalityUtils.addAllGraphElts()
 Node TGPanel.addNode()
          Adds a Node, with its ID and label being the current node count plus 1.
 Node GLPanel.addNode()
 void TGPanel.addNode(Node node)
          Add the Node node to the visibleLocality, checking for ID uniqueness.
 Node TGPanel.addNode(java.lang.String label)
          Adds a Node, provided its label.
 Node TGPanel.addNode(java.lang.String id, java.lang.String label)
          Adds a Node, provided its ID and label.
 void GLPanel.randomGraph()
 void TGPanel.setLocale(Node node, int radius)
 void LocalityUtils.setLocale(Node n, int radius)
 void TGPanel.setLocale(Node node, int radius, int maxAddEdgeCount, int maxExpandEdgeCount, boolean unidirectional)
 void LocalityUtils.setLocale(Node n, int radius, int maxAddEdgeCount, int maxExpandEdgeCount, boolean unidirectional)
 void TGPanel.updateLocalityFromVisibility()

Uses of TGException in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.graphelements

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.graphelements that throw TGException
 void Locality.addAll()
 void VisibleLocality.addNode(Node node)
 void Locality.addNode(Node n)
 void GraphEltSet.addNode(Node node)
          Add the Node node to the graph, and registers the Node via its ID.
 void Locality.addNodeWithEdges(Node n)
 void VisibleLocality.updateLocalityFromVisibility()