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Packages that use TGPanel

Uses of TGPanel in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout

Fields in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout declared as TGPanel
 TGPanel GLPanel.tgPanel

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout that return TGPanel
 TGPanel TGScrollPane.getTGPanel()
          Return the TGPanel used with this TGScrollPane.
 TGPanel GLPanel.getTGPanel()
          Return the TGPanel used with this GLPanel.

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout with parameters of type TGPanel
 java.awt.Color Node.getPaintBackColor(TGPanel tgPanel)
 java.awt.Color Node.getPaintBorderColor(TGPanel tgPanel)
 java.awt.Color Node.getPaintTextColor(TGPanel tgPanel)
 void Node.paint(java.awt.Graphics g, TGPanel tgPanel)
          Paints the Node.
 void Edge.paint(java.awt.Graphics g, TGPanel tgPanel)
 void Node.paintNodeBody(java.awt.Graphics g, TGPanel tgPanel)
          Paints the background of the node, along with its label
 void Node.paintSmallTag(java.awt.Graphics g, TGPanel tgPanel, int tagX, int tagY, java.awt.Color backCol, java.awt.Color textCol, char character)
          Paints a tag with containing a character in a small font.

Constructors in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout with parameters of type TGPanel
LocalityUtils(Locality loc, TGPanel tgp)
TGLayout(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with a supplied TGPanel tgp.

Uses of TGPanel in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction

Fields in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction declared as TGPanel
protected  TGPanel TGAbstractMousePausedUI.tgPanel
 TGPanel TGAbstractDragUI.tgPanel

Constructors in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction with parameters of type TGPanel
DragAddUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with provided TGPanel tgp.
DragNodeUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
GLEditUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
HVRotateDragUI(TGPanel tgp, HVScroll hvs, RotateScroll rs)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp, HVScroll hvs and a RotateScroll rs.
HVScroll(TGPanel tgp, TGLensSet tgls)
          Constructor with a TGPanel tgp and TGLensSet tgls.
HyperScroll(TGPanel tgp)
LocalityScroll(TGPanel tgp)
RotateScroll(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
TGAbstractClickUI(TGPanel tgp)
TGAbstractDragUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
TGAbstractMouseMotionUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
TGAbstractMousePausedUI(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.
ZoomScroll(TGPanel tgp)
          Constructor with TGPanel tgp.