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Uses of TGUserInterface in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout

Subclasses of TGUserInterface in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout
 class TGPanel.SwitchSelectUI

Uses of TGUserInterface in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction

Subclasses of TGUserInterface in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction
 class DragAddUI
          DragAddUI contains code for adding nodes + edges by dragging.
 class DragMultiselectUI
          DragMultiselectUI contains code for selecting a group on nodes by enclosing them in a dotted box.
 class DragNodeUI
          DragNodeUI contains code for dragging nodes.
 class GLEditUI
          GLEditUI: User Interface for editing the graph.
 class GLNavigateUI
 class HVRotateDragUI
 class TGAbstractClickUI
          TGAbstractClickUI allows one to write interfaces that deal with mouse clicks.
 class TGAbstractDragUI
          TGAbstractDragUI allows one to write user interfaces that handle what happends when a mouse is pressed, dragged, and released.
 class TGAbstractMouseMotionUI
          TGAbstractMouseMotionUI allows one to write user interfaces that handle what happends when a mouse is moved over the screen
 class TGAbstractMousePausedUI
          TGAbstractMousePausedUI allows one to handle MousePaused events.
 class TGSelfDeactivatingUI
          TGSelfDeactivatingUI: A UI that can deactivate itself once its task is performed.

Methods in edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.interaction with parameters of type TGUserInterface
 void TGUserInterface.activate(TGUserInterface parent)
 void TGUIManager.activate(TGUserInterface ui)
 void TGUIManager.addUI(TGUserInterface ui)
 void TGUIManager.addUI(TGUserInterface ui, java.lang.String name)
 void TGUIManager.removeUI(TGUserInterface ui)