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The SOCR Resources are developed by joint efforts of faculty, researchers and students from various UCLA departments and centers: Statistics, Computer Science, Neurology, Biomedical Engineering, the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging and the Center for Computational Biology.

The SOCR philosophy for developing and utilizing new IT-resources, tools and educational materials includes the following four principals: 1. Tools must be freely available on the Web (SOCR Motto: It’s online, therefore it exists!) 2. Newly developed materials must be useful, extensible, factually correct, validated and deployed on the web. 3. Tools must be well designed, extensible, platform-independent and open-source;  4. Materials must explicitly utilize some SOCR interactive resources (e.g., activities with applet demos) and provide the means of cross reference by various SOCR tools (e.g., applet calculations citing formulas in instructional materials).

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