The SOCR Team


The major developers and contributors to the SOCR resource include: Jenny Cui, Jameel Al-Aziz, Annie Che, Rahul Gidwani, Ariana Anderson, Juana Sanchez, Nicolas Christou (Co-Director), Robert Gould, and Ivo Dinov, the SOCR Director. Many other UCLA faculty and graduate students in Statistics, Computer Science, LONI, CCB, Neurology and Biomedical Engineering have also contributed. Most noteably: Fotios Konstantinidios, Jianming Hu, Jason Landerman, Hui Wang, Sam Prabhu Rubandhas,Petros Efstathopoulos, Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe, Anuradha Sachdev, Don Ylvisaker, Blake Haas, Priscilla Chui, Siu-Ling Teresa Lam, Dushyanth Krishnamurthy.

A number of outside academic, non-profit and industrial resource were also utilized in the SOCR development. We have used ideas, design, resources and models from Elementary Statistics Java AppletsStatlets, Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics, WebStat, Statiscope, PsychStat, BisinessStat, Probability by Surprise, Web Interface for Statistics Education, CUWU Stats, PSOL, StatLab, Virtual Labs in Probability & Statistics, JavaStat, Vistac, JSci, CyberStat, JFreeChart, and many other groups, organizations, student projects, research, clinical and teaching resources.