SOCR Abstract


We will describe the philosophy, design, implementation and utilization of the Statistical Online Computational Resource (SOCR) for undergraduate and graduate education. Classical Probability and statistics instruction can be significantly enhanced by employing interactive, contemporary, computational, visualizational and graphical tools, in and out of class. We have developed one such suite of tools (SOCR) that consists of virtual experiments, distribution models, games, statistical analysis tools and  other additional models (e.g., curve fittings, parameter estimates, probability tables, etc.)

All of these tools are designed in a modern object oriented fashion and implemented as look-alike Java applets. The SOCR resources may be accessed by students from any Java-enabled computer.I will discuss how these tools have been used in my graduate and undergraduate classes to demonstrate statistical concepts, experimental properties, analytic methods and data manipulations (e.g., visualization).

Over the past 3 years many statistics faculty and students have been involved in the development of the SOCR suite of tools (see the SOCR acknowledgments).

SOCR Topics